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SONY Par de Bocinas y Stereo QFX USB-Bluetooth

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Product Type: Car Audio

Vendor: QFX


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SONY Par de Bocinas y Stereo QFX USB-Bluetooth


  • Display: Enjoy a blue LED screen and blue backlit buttons with text and icons for calling, switching the song, or tuning to your favorite station!
  • Simple: Installation is easy, just remove the sleeve from the stereo, place it into the dashboard, and then securely place the unit into the sleeve.
  • Versatile: Includes Bluetooth capabilities for seamless music play and hands-free calling while you focus on the road.
  • Sound: This car stereo has EQ presets and FM radio with 200 watts for flexible listening to music, sports, or the news.
  • Streaming; Listen to your favorite songs or start a playlist while you charge your phone with an included USB port.