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Infinity BassLink SM 2 8" compact powered under-seat subwoofer

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The BassLink SM2 self-powered subwoofer fits under the front seat of many vehicles, and adds great bass to any vehicle audio system. Its shallow-profile, 8" woofer and custom tuned low profile enclosure makes it possible to add bass in vehicles where space is limited. Its fully adjustable crossover and bass EQ, gives you the tools needed to tune the BassLink SM2 to your system and vehicle. To drive the proprietary 8" woofer an energy efficient Class D digital amplifier delivers great power while keeping cool and drawing minimal current from yor vehicles charing system.

Proprietary, shallow-profile woofer

The 8" (200mm) subwoofer in the BassLink SM2 is designed specifically to provide low distortion and great bass performance in its custom tuned ABS enclosure with a remarkably compact footprint.

Efficient Class D amplifier

The amp that powers the BassLink SM2 produces minimal heat, and it doesn’t require a lot of current from the car’s electrical system.

Intelligent electronic design

The BassLink SM2 employs high-pass filters and limiters that deliver exceptional at-the-limits performance.

Crossover control

A variable crossover control (50Hz – 120Hz) lets you adjust how much upper bass and mid-bass the BassLink SM2 produces. Fine-tune the crossover to achieve a smooth transition from the BassLink SM2 to the rest of the system’s speakers.

Flexible EQ adjustments

Level control adjusts the BassLink SM2’s volume to the other speakers in your system, while Bass Boost control lets you minimize peaks or dips in bass frequencies in your car’s acoustic environment.

Line- and high-level inputs

For added installation flexibility, the BassLink SM2 features both line- and high-level inputs. If you use the high-level inputs to connect the BassLink SM2 to the head unit, an input load switch lets you switch from “Low” to “High” to achieve optimum results.

Wired, remote level control capability

The BassLink SM2 is compatible with the JBL GTO-RBC included, which enables you to control the bass level remotely.